Building High Performing Teams

Opti-Pro Solutions views people as your most valuable resource. We believe that improving personal effectiveness will drive the success of your organization. Opti-Pro’s application of Lumina Learning’s products will help you bring about superior results through inspiring and engaging your people. Equipped with this knowledge your organization can:

Opti-Pro Solutions will work with you to build high performing teams. We will show you how consistently applying four principles will equip your organization with empowered and fully engaged employees. We begin by supporting individual self-discovery to create an environment in which people are fully motivated to perform at their full potential. We like to start by helping people understand their underlying motivation, everyday strengths and areas for growth. A simple yet profound assessment is taken to show natural psychological preferences, how we adjust them to our current environment, and how we exhibit behavior when under pressure.

This self-knowledge is then used to train your team members to build rapport. They gain the ability to “speed read” others and quickly assess behavioral qualities in order to better connect. They learn to understand and value psychological diversity, which brings better communication and strengthens teamwork. Lastly, they learn to co-create results by adopting a collaborative approach for lasting results to take performance to a higher level. These consistently applied principles enable them to become truly transformational leaders.

Opti-Pro Solutions will design training, facilitation, and coaching interventions, supported by Lumina Learning’s portfolio of innovative online resources. Our team of global partners and consultants are always ready to be as supportive as required – from helping interpret the assessment resources to engaging with your people on a wide range of different business issues. We pride ourselves on customizing our service to your specific needs.

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